1. What are microfibres? 

Microfibres are a form of microplastics that are released from synthetic clothing each time they are put through the laundry. 

2. Why can't I see microfibres? 

They are tiny! Generally too small to see with the naked eye. 

3. How do riNse bags capture these microfibres? 

riNse bags are designed to wash all types of clothing, but mainly those that contain synthetic fibres - think your polyesters, recycled polyesters, fleeces, nylons etc. Made from polyamide, our bags prevent the tiniest of microfibres from entering our waterways. The bags do not shed any fibres themselves.

4. What is the best way to use my bag? 

On laundry day, collect all of your clothing, seperate colours and fill your bag half-way or 3/4. Pop it in your washing machine and do not wash over 40 °C. It may take a few washes to see any build up, and once you do, remove carefully and dispose in your general waste. Avoid drying your bag in direct sunlight. 

5. How does the riNse bag protect my clothing? 

By doing your laundry in your riNse bag, you are not only protecting the environment, you are protecting your clothing. The composition of the bag ensures that there is less friction resulting in fewer fibres shedding. 

6. Is your packaging sustainable? 

Absolutely! Our packaging is cardboard that is ISO14001, ISO9001 and FSC certified so it's fully recyclable.